Having a super hard day in oz with my sis. Fun fact: put a teaspoon in the neck of a bottle of fizzy wine to keep it from going flat

Jul 31 |

For my northern hemisphere friends- this is a pointsettia! I’m not even joking. #christmasInJuly #aussieshrubbery

Dirty Nelly’s with @victoryparker @abbygreen3

Jul 24 |

Bohana’s steak house with Jen Hayward & Victoria Parker #ginricky #rwa14 #hungry

Good morning San Antonio #rwa14

Jul 23 | rwa14, |

Ready to sign #rwa14 #harlequinpresents

Took a little walk at the marina #livemusic #pugetsound #greatday

Gotta love the coast where dill grows high as an elephants eye

Lunch at tomasinas

Jul 18 |

Stopped by the inlaws cottage to pick the apes.

Jul 18 |