New socks from Oz. According to MrC they’re super handy if you forget whether you have big feet or not.

Aug 26 |

My daughter’s friend didn’t believe her mom is a romance author. Now he keeps finding my latest book and sending her selfies demonstrating his awe and excitement.

Aug 23 |

Home again home again jiggety jig

Aug 18 |

Back from my walk. It was inspiring! #rwaus #sydney

Surprise! When they picked me up, my sister and her family took me to Southbank for lunch and a wander. Great atmosphere, warmer than Sydney and hey, look! City cats! (Catamarans)

Aug 10 |

Editor Flo Nicol from Mills &Boon is hard at work at the #Harlequin dinner at #RWAus. No really! #AuthorRequest #CouldntSayNo

I took this photo while my nephew was playing soccer yesterday. I’m sure the waiting parents just rolled their eyes at the Canadian who - apparently - had never seen the sky before. #tourist #Brisbane #stormclouds

It’s a bit overcast today - but I got this shot yesterday. #gum #winterInQlsd

Got to the beach in time to catch a shot of the sunset before dinner

Aug 02 |

Having a super hard day in oz with my sis. Fun fact: put a teaspoon in the neck of a bottle of fizzy wine to keep it from going flat

Jul 31 |