Pretty country outside Fairmont on the way home today

Sep 01 |

This was right before we all did the shots of jäger and lost Doug

Aug 30 |

In case you were wondering what else it’s good for

Aug 29 |

Nice day for a drive across the province

Aug 29 |

No seriously - great day to be at the beach

Aug 28 |

Just arrived! Who wants to acquire the Russians Acquisition? Time to set up a @goodreads #giveaway :)

New socks from Oz. According to MrC they’re super handy if you forget whether you have big feet or not.

Aug 26 |

My daughter’s friend didn’t believe her mom is a romance author. Now he keeps finding my latest book and sending her selfies demonstrating his awe and excitement.

Aug 23 |

Home again home again jiggety jig

Aug 18 |

Back from my walk. It was inspiring! #rwaus #sydney